Viral Marketing – Let Brand Sale Itself




A Completely new & never discussed Business Concept in management world .

Yes ! The Concept of Viral Growth Of Business.

As all of us know that in traditional business approach may provide normal growth year over year.But Today’s generation want’s fast growth, Profits & Growth in automated way.

Is this may be possible ? Yes ! It’s Possible in a condition when your organization becomes system oriented and when this system reaches it’s maturity,start working on auto moods i.e. with minimum supervision. While in manual Business commands there are certain limitations which restricts the out put of business on every step / activity.Resulting — Slow,tedious growth.Let the Business System Work itself ,correct it self ,grow it self.

Viral Marketing concept consultancy is intended for those organization who may be small or big by nature but Undoubtedly Very big by ambitions by Vision & Mission.

As we have already discussed Viral Marketing strategies may be implemented for any business house,by micro strategic integrated approach, a business Process re-engineering & Human re engineering task are carried out.

For the purpose there are several steps,which are analyzed,improved or re introduced. For every micro Business process,it is decided that which part of consumer/shopkeeper psychology will be hit to not merely to accept your products / offerings but also it should be recommended to others among other customers. Along with that it is also insured that customer should be turned into returning customer.

Differences Between Viral & Normal Marketing Concepts.

1) Once Activated ,viral marketing pull the series of business action / process automatically, while in traditional marketing concepts, marketer have to put exxxxxtra efforts for same task but in greater degree for each time.

2) Viral Marketing works on principles of integrated micro system approach,where every action is linked to each other in series and determine the efficiency of each other.While in traditional marketing,every action is independent & requires separate concentration. This is the reason while turn around time in traditional marketing is very high & efficiency is very low.

3) Viral Marketing Approach is automated by nature,system itself take care for each things.While in traditional marketing system,every time manual interference is required.

4) Viral Marketing concepts is ideal & predictable.Every moment the task,results can be calculated in advance.

5) Viral Marketing requires less supervision,less errors via vs to traditional marketing system.

6) Viral Marketing concepts generates the customer & demand by itself.

7) Viral Marketing makes a deeper geographical consumer penetration & reach due to it’s infectious nature.

8) Viral Marketing Generate the pull from consumer side for demand while traditional marketing is always depending on push hence more investment of resources & efforts but delivering poor results.i.e. more investment less profit.

9)Viral Marketing only required activation once later on it requires minimum maintenance supervision.

10) Viral marketing is less affected by micro & macro business eco system changes while minor business environment changes make very deep impact on traditional marketing system and business be not be able to save itself .Hence Viral marketing is all weather performing system year over year.

In fact, Viral marketing Concept is only options for today’s ever changing business environment. Because viral marketing system is such a system which automatically detects the possible positive / negative changes in business atmospheres,warns to business owner in advance & brings auto correction as per requirement.It’s having unique capability to adjust according to business environment.

If Some such an lucrative feature is available with viral marketing system,then why to exist with traditional marketing system.????????

Our expertise is to understand your existing business system and to guide you how to transform your business system in high performing , auto governed viral marketing system.







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