|| Unveiling Business Decision Making Process Success / Failures ||

(Marketing Illusions -A term & Concept Coined by Our Chief Consultant – A Kumar, Responsible For Failure Of Strategic Decisions & Collapse Of Big Business Houses Like Nokia,Kodak etc.)


Simply an Illusion may be defined as wrong Acceptance & interpretations of any happening / event by sensory organs of human body & mind.

The concept is utilized in our day to day life by different people like magicians and others.

The ConsultantHowever this phenomenon is also existing in management domain especially in sub domain of management which is called marketing.

Unfortunately this phenomenon is least or almost nil studied by management professionals but this phenomenon plays vital role for deciding success or failure of any Business / Marketing Campaign / Brand or overall sales volumes.

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It has been noted that few companies are performing better with limited resources and expenditure on TV advertisements while in other case even after huge expenditure on marketing and having well developed sales distribution system, brands failed.

For examples, few companies / brands touched new heights of performance just in few years in comparisons of other well established companies what they achieved in many decades.

marketing consultant delhi india,

How To Shape Business ?

For examples – Patanjali FMCG unit turn over is going to touch Rs 2000 cr which is more that Emami. Patajanli Brands achieved this just within few years of its launching while they were totally new for filed and Emami is well established company since decades with well developed distribution system supported by established vector brands.(Vector Brand = A Companies well established Brand in market which provides support to other new brands).

If we study that what driving factors works behind such outstanding performance? Answers comes from Consumer Behavior Section especially “Acceptance Process by Consumers Mind”psychologybanner

We know that consumers accept tremendous information related with brands daily by different source like tv,news paper,referral etc etc.

Human Body & mind is best scientific machine to filter all these information and to keep only necessary information which is really useful to him. Later on this information is fixed in subconscious mind permanently after a long period of continuous receiving the same message. This is the reason why most of consumers asked for Colgate rather than Toothpate on shop. Deletion of this stored message from subconscious mind is quiet difficult and time taking process that’s why new brands take time to make its place in mind of consumers.Hence Launching a new product is easy but its establishment among consumers / market is tedious and years long process.


THE CONSULTANTS- BUSINESS CONSULTANTS -Strategic Business Consulting Services @ The Consultants I told above that human body / mind is best filtering machine and several steps analysis & filtration is done by all its sensory organs.

So making a permanent place in consumers mind a product / brand /message has to pass multilayer filtration process to decide whether it is really a need / want /demand of consumer’s body / mind / lifestyle.

All sensory organs which includes………Vision (Ophthalmoception), hearing (audioception), taste (gustaoception), smell (olfacoception or olfacception), and touch (tactioception) are the five traditionally recognized. While the ability to detect other stimuli beyond those governed by the traditional senses exists, including temperature (thermoception), kinesthetic sense (proprioception), pain (nociception), balance (equilibrioception), and various internal stimuli (e.g. the different chemoreceptors for detecting salt and carbon dioxide concentrations in the blood).

All these Plays vital role to filter the stated / claimed quality of brand /products and if not fit for any level to satisfy consumer for specific quality is rejected by sense organs resulting failure / nonacceptance of Brand /Message /Marketing campaign by consumer/s.

In filtration process of claimed satisfaction level of any brand / product / marketing campaign one or more than one sensory organ /mechanism may be involved.

Marketing Illusion – Responsible for Growth & Collapse of Organizations ?

More the number of involved sensory organs, more dense chances will be to analyze stated /claimed brand / product quality influence on body & mind hence more the chance of brand selection or rejection by these sense organs or finally by consumers becoz consumer satisfaction level is decided only by these sensory organs/mechanism.

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Less or more deeper but same Process is Involved for all Brands / Messages /Marketing Campaigns.strategy

Now coming on our original Topic about marketing Illusions. Now we can correlate Marketing Illusions with Organizations activities success & failures.

Hence In context of organizations, marketing illusions are those phenomenon in which Organizations are claiming for some things but when this claims passes through filtration channels of consumer’s mind / body fails to fit. Hence consumer perceived that what was claimed is not true, resulting Failure for entire Organizations Campaigns.

ADDING MOMENTUM TO UR BUSINESSHowever Any Illusive Marketing Campaign may succeed to convince the consumer at its initial level hence getting huge success at initial level. But later on when deeper level filtration is done by sensory organs, consumers find that claimed quality is not up to mark resulting mass denial of brand /concept in long term. For example In Mobile Industry, At Initial Days a company offered mobile hands sets just on very low cost resulting huge consumer attraction. But Later on consumers realized it was not as worthfull as they perceived at initial level hence mass rejection of plan by market.

Marketing Illusions are just like magician work which attracts person for few times but in fact nothing is true. Similarly if any marketing campaign which fall into category of illusion results losses to both company and consumers. Company losses it money,time,reputations while in same way consumers losses it time spend on that plan,money etc etc.It may create a huge trust deficit & gap in relation of company and its loyal consumers.

Marketing illusions are major responsible factor for failure / success of any campaign should be considered very seriously by companies.

Some other examples of marketing Illusions may be ……

(1) Suppose Cost of any air ticket is Rs. 10000 and any airways campaigning that air tickets just for 1 Rs.They will issue tickets @ 1 Rs but will add Rs 9999 as fuel charge/service tax etc etc. At initial stage till consumers are aware only about 1 Rs Factor will be attracted but as soon as they know about second part will run away from campaign.

(2) Suppose a big budget Movie is on launching to show on theaters and pre launch marketing campaigns are running on different media claiming big entertainment to its viewer. At initial stage to due it’s illusive pre launch campaign Viewers may rush for few days,but when all these viewers sensory organs filters it entertaining proclaimed quality,it fails,resulting poor review about movie which distract viewers.

Remember No campaign can misguide consumer’s ultimate multilayer satisfaction filtration mechanism for long term.

Marketing Myopia ! Blind Decision Under Nose !

The above example is exactly applicable for all marketing campaign / brand or on any product or services.

However Marketers do not create Marketing Illusions willingly. Consumer behavior and satisfaction machinist (especially on subconscious mind level) is least studied / understood area due to its non measurable nature on exact basis like we measure weight or height.

Organizations run their campaigns naturally for best interest of company & consumer both .But this phenomenon is silent & hidden in campaign which is not easily recognized by managers and passes to consumers. When desired success does not come than people start review but since nature of marketing illusion in itself is illusive, hence not easily recognized / traced by companies and it keeps on resulting repeated failures for year over year.


Business Strategy Consultant

Business Strategy Consultant


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