Manufacturing Consulting


Mfg. Consulting For State Of The Art Synchronization Among Man,Machine & Method

Manufacturing is one of key factor for any business house. Since technology is changing hence manufacturing is such one sector which always requires up gradation.Manufacturing units are always contributing for huge profits or loss depending on their performance efficiency.

We at The Consultants provides cutting edge & latest manufacturing consulting to boost your performance. Our strategies are helpful to minimize the wastage and to improve the efficacy of entire process. Our quality audits are in-depth analysis to find out gaps in process.

Our Strategies are focused to analyze each and every micro process involved in manufacturing process to meter their current productivity. We deploy the efficiency improvement techniques on both man & machine level along with invisible process level.

We provide our consulting services for below mentioned 2 core phases of Manufacturing Industry….

1) Setting Up New Manufacturing Plant

If you are new or want to setup manufacturing plant,we are helpful to manage entire project. Our expert team will take entire responsibilities from feasibility report preparation to delivering the project. As per requirements our clients,we always tries to develop the unit with state of the art production facilities so that finished goods should be representative for best.

2) Services For Established Manufacturing Plant

For better & continuous performance,it is necessary to keep entire manufacturing unit synchronized with latest tools & techniques.Our expert do this job with great zeal.some of finest talents will upgrade the manufacturing system by their sharp skills. We provide a full flag consulting for all functions related with manufacturing from operations,efficiency to……. energy audits.

Our services are helpful not only to keep your system young and ever performing on various efficiency parameters but enhancing the life and performance of old system.

Manufacturing Consulting Services

3 Tier Level Mfg. Strategic Consulting – Better Synchronization Among Man,Machine & Method

Our expert & Experienced team from same filed inject powerful value additions to your entire process on 3 strategic levels (3 M’s) i.e. Man, Machines & Method…

1) MANPOWER- One of important component for manufacturing sectors. We analyze your manpower efficiency and take necessary corrective actions to improve their overall productivity within given situation.

2) Machines – The second most important part of any manufacturing system.We focus to maintain latest performance norms for your machines.

3) Method – Method is techniques for performing any task by man with the helps of machines. A better combination of Man machine & Methods is only the way to establish a perfect Manufacturing system.

Our expert keep all the 3 important factors to keep performing entire manufacturing system.Our expert ever insist for the best from all possible angles on all verticals.

 Typically We Caters 3 Different Strategic Consulting Service Verticals (1) Strategic Business Consulting / Management Consulting / Corporate Consulting -For Professional & Commercial Business Houses if filed of Consumer Goods / FMCG / Pharma / led Lighting etc. (2) Invest India / India Market Entry -Strategic Consulting For Foreign Firms Those who want To enter Into Booming Indian Market,Keen To Invest In India And Startup Their Business In India Formally.For Foreign Companies / Investors - Incorporation To Business Launching To Market lead phase Business Consulting Services- All Under One Roof Services . (3) Political Consulting -For Political Parties  Political parties To Manage Indian Political Elections Performance.

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