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The Consultants Is a leading & Unique Strategic Business Consulting Firm run by Self Managed Fortune 500 MNC’s Ex – Professionals. It Has been observed that consulting is quite complex process hence single hand consulting services are not that much effective to deliver desired results. Consulting process in itself requires expert for each unit business process.

This is the basic logic behind genesis of The Consultants,Where we are replacing the one-man consulting process by 3 tier Consulting Services,where we provide three layer of strategic consulting services.When our consultant works with you at your office at same time different teams work behind the screen for your project to provide you state of art services at it’s best possible way.

Let You Know here More About Our Specialties below ………….

WHO WE ARE :- We are “THE CONSULTANT”Unique 4th generation micro strategic Business Consulting Firms. A team of Fortune 500 MNC’s Ex Strategic Professionals.

Not Merely a consultancy firm but We are “Business Architecture”

WHAT WE DO:- We Do The Business Of Business Strategy ! We transform your corporate Mission & Vision Statement Into reality by developing State Of the art “micro strategic Business process System” via analysis of “Invisible Factors” responsible for Business Efficiency. We Transform Your Business Identity by re position your market image from follower to Market Leader.

“Consulting Services Not Merely For Growth But To Establish You As Market Leader”

HOW WE DO IT:- By providing Real Time micro Strategic Business consulting services for following phases of Business Environment,Market Dynamics & Consumer Behavior phases What We call It 3 D Business consulting…………….

-Business Introduction Environment Strategies Vs. Market Introduction Phase

-Business Growth Environment Strategies Vs. Market Growth Phase

-Business Maturity Environment Strategies Vs. Market Maturity Phase

-Business Decline Environment Strategies Vs. Market Decline Phase

Consulting Service Delivery Strategic Model

Strategic Consulting Service Delivery Model – A Complete Consultation Tuxedo.

-Market Introduction Strategies vs . Innovator Consumer Class Mass Mobilization

-Market Growth Strategies vs. Early Adopter Consumer Class micro Strategies

-Market Maturity Strategies vs. Early Majority Consumer Class micro Strategies

-Market Decline Strategies vs. Late Adopter Consumer Class micro Strategies.

Here we tries to make a better strategic sync Among different factors and forces as per phases of Business Environment, Market Dynamics & Consumer Behavior.We works On “Nut & Bolt” Concept which yield better results with Minimum Investment and also reduce resource drainage.


Further For each & above Market & Consumer gradual development / Maturity phases,there are several specific sub micro strategies & analysis to be develop action plan & it’s implementation as per business ecosystem requirement.

OUR METHODOLOGY : We are different from other because our methodology is totally different from others.We don not think in traditional way of doing business but we analyse the micro & macro business environment to find the scopes for business to develop the route to reach to those scopes.On same time we analyse our clients potential,resources and skills to develop the ways which is suitable as per need of our clients. These 2 points are start and end point of bridge which we develop between our client and available business potential in market.Our efforts are always inclined with minimum investment to incash max business opportunities in market.We focuses not only on primary business opportunities but several types of secondary opportunities are also encashable with same resources of our clients.

FOR WHOM WE DO IT :- Any Corporate & SME’s from consumer Goods,FMCG,Consumer electronics,Consumer durables,Led Lighting firms.

Business Consulting

BY WHOM WE DO IT:- By our think tank- a team of fortune 500 MNC’s ex strategic professionals, well qualified from reputed institutions & carrying more than 2 decades professional employment & consultancy experience & expertise in their own field as ” Change Agents”.

Business Consulting Services @ The Consultants

DARE TO BE UNIQUE :- We are different , we are unique because we are micro strategic focused.We devices strategies as per micro need of Business ecosystem for your business like Offensive defense Strategies & many more.We are micro process oriented rather than activities .

We not merely develop organization, but we develop integrated business systems which once maturity, continues yielding results till years in all business environments with minimum supervision.

Our Simple USP : Dare to be unique & Dare To Make u Unique Too

“Come ! You too experience the micro Strategic Business consultancy differences with us”


:- Consulting Verticals -:

Strategic Business Consultancy Political Consulting Strategic Branding e- Commerce,ERP / DIGITAL MKTG. Corporate Legal Services MAKE IN INDIA Global Business Entry To Indian Market HR / Training & Development

Energy Auditing Image Building

:- Industries We Covers -:

FMCG Industry Pharma / OTC / Herbal Consumer Durables Led Lighting Consulting CcTv Camera Industry Solar Industry Consulting

The ConsultantsBusiness Consultants In India

Business Consulting || Management Consulting || India Market Entry Consulting || Political Consulting

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We Too Offer : Strategic Political Consulting Services


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