Corporate Astro & Vastu


Astro Science – Holistic/ Spiritual Business Strategy. One of Oldest Science of forecasting ,to provide remedies to get rid of problems.Very Few knows that micro level Business decision makeing guidelines has been provided in Indian Astrology.It can be used as powerful,separate strategic tool to decide the business Processes. Like the modern management, astro solutions are equally strategic & effective.Our Specific Corporate Astro & Vastu Services helps to improve business performance & keeps your venture vibrant. A must try Vertical.

Remember ! If thousand years ago,our ancestors were able to calculate the exact time of sun rising and sun set which is equally accurate as per today’s modern science means there was core science behind astrology.Only need is to understand it’s complex nature,accuracy and predictions.

Let we utilize all the possible and best strategies to keep ur business vibrant say visible and non visible factors level.Human civilization is utilizing Astrology since ancient time and perhaps it is one of most ancient techniques to strategies ur plans.

Like for normal life, business sphere has been also covered widely and on micro level in astrology.A good scholar of astrology can assit you for growing ur business in holistic way.That’s we at The Consultants calls it’s ” Holistic Approach Towards Business Strategy”

Corporate Astro & VAstu

We at The Consultants provide Business Astrological services before starting your business venture and also for running business. Even for each and every activity,our corporate astrological services are quiet helpful when making a decision becomes quiet difficult from all other medium or by human capabilities.

Let Our expert Business Astro consultant visit to your Corporate premises and makes detail micro Business Astro analysis to suggest strategies for future success.

Our strategic Astro Analyst Team

1) Acharya Chote Maharaj : Born in traditional & orthodox Hindu Brahmin family in Allahabad district(One of Holy city),UP,India,he acquired Phd. in same discipline. He carries divine knowledge of astrology transferred by their forefathers. It’s an ancestral professions hence knowledge flows generation to generation.

2) Pravesh K. Mishra: MBA – Born in traditional Orthodox Hindu Brahmin family ,Business astrologer Mr. Pravesh Belongs To holy city of Varanasi / Allahabad.Astrology & rituals are ancestral activities of his family since his childhood His home environment is an classic example of religious lifestyle.After initial Professional career in field of marketing & sales,he synchronizes his ancestral and divine astrology knowledge for business world. Today he is instrumental with several people to guide them for their professional excellence.His specialization belongs to strategic business astrology.

Business astrology

Business & Corporate Astrology

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