CC Tv & Security Camera Industry : Watch Market Potential Vs Your Market Share !

Due To Increasing demand In domestic Market,The CCTV industry is set on fire.It is demand of time to maintain privete & Public security,there is place of a cc tv camera in every house,street,offices,public place etc.

Till the time the main demand was coming from government sectors & projects but personal uses of cc tv is increasing day by day and as per estimate video surveillance market size is going up in residential segment, the industry is expected to touch $615 million mark in India by 2018.

video surveillance will become an essential for common home and also it is a powerful evidence in case of crime.

Till Now,in India,Besides CP Plus, other companies which are present in the CCTV market include Hikvision (10% market share), Dahua (7%), Panasonic (2.5%), Bosch Security Systems, Samsung Techwin, DV Tel (all 2%).

Still Indian Market is very less penetrated and and awareness is coming in public.Market is still developing and initial strategic steps can make any organization future leader.

Before Market becomes Saturated,it is time to look for an strategic action and to prepare long term goals so that future market potentials can be in cashed.

Our Team, provides hands on help to develop invincible business strategies for developing strong brand image in market.

Our Strategic services not only helps organizations to generate more business as on today but also provides gradual support for leading the market in future.

Since it is market developing phase for cc tv industry,any one can shape the market / brand as future leader.We are providing cutting edge consulting services for our clients in terms strategic business process management,strategic marketing & Business development,Business modelling and conceptualization to emerge you as future cctv market leader.

For Strategic Business Consulting services

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